Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Breeders of Hunting Line Airedales

Below are breeders of Airedales whose lines I am familiar with and I have confidence in their dog's ability to produce an Airedale that is suitable for hunting. These breeders are from all around the US, in most cases we are known to and affiliated with each other through the Traditional Working Airedale forum. The goal is to breed and get into the timber and field Airedales that can really hunt and put game in the bag for those hunters who desire one of the most versatile hunting dogs alive!

Most of the Airedales pictured on this blog are of the same lines as what is produced by the breeders listed below.

Al Kranbuhl


Kent Cowell or 928-814 -6686

Airey Mountain Airedales- British Columbia, Clint Stubbe,

Sagacis Airedale Terriers-California, Kevin Kelly,

Mogollon Rim- Matt Thom, Arizona, 928-310-9777

Donnie Wright- Kentucky, 606-549-2421 or email

Rod Ross, Wyoming e-mail address
phone# 307-737-2356

Seth Lawson, Virginia, Blue Ridge Airedales

California Kennels, Camden NY, Al Kranbuhl

Pete Bassani (Terrierman)
RR#1, Box 479
Hawley, PA 18428

570-228-6038 or 570-949-4137
Charles Burrell (cbdale) Georgia

Ryan Olsen. Oregon,

Bock Hunting/Family Airedales, Iowa, Ralph V. and Connie Bock or ad site on

Richard Ley
Po Box 10A
Tererro, New Mexico 87573

Floyd River Kennels, Dan Minton, 4757 Jefferson Ave Alton Iowa, 712 441 0124
Scott Cain,
706-973-0218, Georgia

Pictured from left to right are three Traditional Working Airedale breeders getting together for a pow-wow, Seth Lawson from Virginia and his Airedale "Luke", center is Pete Bassani from PA and on the right is Donnie Wright out of Kentucky with a nice little female Redline pup for Pete out of his Airedales "Lardo" and "Nina", Seth's Luke is her Grand Dad.

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