Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hunting Airedales In Action 2

 A few more additional photos of "VERSATILE" hunting Airedales from the Traditional Working Airedale message board. Being successfully used for hunting pretty much all of North American game.


Bobby Harper's Hog hunting pack W/young Airedale "Donnie" with a boar in a water hole.

Tigger retrieving a Pheasant

Audwin MagGee's Scout Hogging

Ruby recovers a nice Buck

Rock Creek Pack with Hog

Scott Cain & Airedale = Successful Hog Hunt

Wayne Hill's Katie with treed Bear

Richard McCorkle & Grizz with nice Hog

Rick Underwood's Max with a nice water retrieve

Rock Creek Airedales with nice Hog

Todd Kennedy's Cur & Airedale "Scout"

Kent Cowell's lion pack With Airedale "Hammer"

Another Deer recovery by Richard McCorkle's "Grizz"

Jack Harris's MaGee & Pearl

Rick Underwood's "Max" W/Coon he tracked and Treed on his own.

A Nice Mixed Bag

Bobby Harper and his Airedale "Donnie" High On The Hogs

Lion Hunt Short Video Clip, click on box below, the video is still there.

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Sports Afield

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Al Kranbuhl's young female Harleigh